Hospital Managing APP

1. Introduction
HMS app is the app, which is health-giving and has potential of making many things paperless without having the loss of data and records. As we have seen a lots of health issues these days due to environmental factors, pressures and other emotional trauma. They need an important consult in day-to-day basis. Therefore, we came up with the idea of HMS app.   
Actually, we do not lack health facilities but these days we are lacking the proper information and the solution for the proper information is our application. With the facility of reminding the people from taking their medicine to which kind of disease our system can be health-giving in a way, people can search the nearby hospital as per their wishes with ratings and the economy suitable for their treatment. This app keeps track of all the services provided by the hospital to the patients. The concept of HMP is to develop software, which is user-friendly, simple, fast and cost-effective.

2. Problem statement
People are lacking proper information about which hospital to be concerned, they do not know about the rating factors, some people are facing the problem of a location which can be solved with our app. We provide them the facility of location tracking, contact information, ratings of a hospital, Doctors available for their treatment, Budget required for their treatment and we also recommend hospitals according to their disease and so on. These are actually the problems people are facing. One of the main thing about our app is that people do not have to wait in queue for hours and hours to get their appointment for the treatment. They can schedule the doctor’s appointment online and have formal messaging. Losing the data records of the patients is very delicate about their health issue, which is the main problem that can even lead to the death of the patients. These factors will be resolved with the help of our application since we give accurate results regarding data and records.

3. Objective

  • To provide the information about the hospitals available nearby 
  • To appoint the online scheduling
  • To furnish the ranking of the hospitals so that the people can choose a better place for their treatment 
  • To alert the user’s about their health with the facility of reminder  To keep the patients report updated and secured 
  • To help in an emergency situation 
  • To choose the best hospital according to the disease 
  • To help people track the location 

4. Scope and limitation


  • Achieve good quality ratings so there will be environment of competition among the hospital and they will provide quality of services 
  •  Establishing hospital as technically advanced 
  •  Rising of health awareness and health policies in current scenario will increase the demand of our application 
  •  Data can be used for long-term 
  •  Data and records can be accessed anywhere and any time 


  • Needs android phone to run the application
  • Lack of desired skill of the user 

5. Methodology

a. Requirement Identification
 This is not a totally new concept. There exits similar kinds of application like Hamro hospital and Hospitals Nepal. i. Hamro hospital: This application provides information about hospital, doctors with the feature of making online appointment. It also provides the user alarm facilities before the medicines intake time. User can store their information digitally and can book an appointment with the doctor. ii. Hospitals: Using this application we can search hospital’s location, doctors via name or specialty, emergency numbers are enlisted. We can get the details like ticket price, opening and closing time of the hospital.

Some of the requirements of this application are

a. User requirement:

  • Users can search hospitals name, doctor’s name, and the hospital nearby them. 
  • They can also search the hospital based on the disease they are suffering from. 
  • System requirement: This application is only for android mobile phones. 
  • Functional requirement:  
  • Doctors record
  • List of hospital 

This is the project done by "Prime Women" - students of Prime College (Rashna Maharjan, Palistha Maharjan, and Bidhya Rimal) at hackathon organized by Women Leaders in Technology in the occasion of "International Girls in ICT day".b. Nonfunctional requirement:

  • Availability 
  • Better interface 
  • Error handling 
  • Security 

c. Feasibility study:

  • Technical feasibility: As it is an Android-based application, it requires Android mobile phones to run. 
  • Operational feasibility: User interface is simple so it will be easy for any user to run. 
  • Economical feasibility: Android phones are cheap and easily available so this application will be feasible for everyone. c. Tools: 
  • Front-end selection: As we are developing an application, we are using Android Studio for this. Android Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Google that provides developers with tools needed to build applications for the Android OS platform. 
  • Back-end selection: Database is required to store various data so for that we will be using MySQL. 

6.  Expected Outcome
The anticipated result of this project is to be of some help in the health sector. We hope that the information related to health services like hospitals, doctors and so on reaching all people so that they can make better medical decisions.

This is the project done by students of Prime College (Palistha Maharjan, Yamuna Tamang, and Bandana Lamsal) for their seventh semester project.


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