How and what to report about internet?

report about internet

The Internet is an open platform for all the people using it. UN has included internet as a human right and everyone must be equal in this platform. As the use of the internet is increasing there is always a theft of misusing the content known as cybercrime. Because of this, many rules and regulation have been introduced nationally and internationally.
People are very concern about the content or data they are providing to the internet. Privacy and security are the main issues involved in the internet for better surfing of the internet. Many browsers, as well as application or websites, are making their product more secure and with good practice of privacy maintenance. Not only them every individual should have a good practice of privacy maintenance and security.
Here, I have mentioned some methods to be secure on the internet by our own side and report if any crime occurs. These are some actions you can implement if you find some cyber crimes happening.

User (own) Perspective

  1. Maintain privacy
  2. Warn
  3. Unfollow
  4. Block

Through relative application

Report with help of respective application you have been using where you think a crime has occurred.


What can you report on facebook?
  1. Post
  2. Profile
  3. Images and videos
  4. Messages                 
  5. Pages
  6. Groups
  7. Ads
For post, pages, groups, comments, profile, images and videos you simply go to more options icon and find report bar then submit your report with the valid reasons and description which are asked in the report form respectively. If you want to report messages then click here and submit the form.


What can you report in google?
  1. Abuse or illegal activities
  2. Phishing page, ads, and emails
  3. Spam
  4. Paid links - buying or selling links that pass PageRank
  5. Malware
  6. Content copyright
  7. unauthorized disclosure of confidential
  8. fake profiles


What can you report (flag) on youtube?
  1. Copyright Issue
  2. Playlist
  3. Video: You can report video for following categories. Select one of them for submission of the report.      
Sexual content
Violent or repulsive content
Hateful or abusive content
Harmful dangerous acts
Child abuse
Promotes terrorism
Spam or misleading
Infringes my rights
Captions issue
4. Comment: You can report a comment for following categories. Select one of them for submission of the report.       
Unwanted commercial content or spam
Pornography or sexually explicit material
Hate speech or graphic violence
Harassment or bullying
5. Live Chat Messages
6. Channel: You can report channel for following categories. Select one of them for submission of the report. 
Harassment and cyberbullying
Violent threats
Child endangerment
Hate speech against a protected group
Spam and Scams

To report the issues of video, channel, and a comment you can find the flag icon choose the category of the report then submit the report form respectively. For copyright issue, you can click here and submit the complaint form.

Through laws

Businesses should report to federal law enforcement agencies
Individuals should report to local law enforcement agencies and federal reporting centers
In Nepal, Metropolitan crime division at teku


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