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How and what to report about internet?

report about internet The Internet is an open platform for all the people using it. UN has included internet as a human right and everyone must be equal in this platform. As the use of the internet is increasing there is always a theft of misusing the content known as cybercrime. Because of this, many rules and regulation have been introduced nationally and internationally. People are very concern about the content or data they are providing to the internet. Privacy and security are the main issues involved in the internet for better surfing of the internet. Many browsers, as well as application or websites, are making their product more secure and with good practice of privacy maintenance. Not only them every individual should have a good practice of privacy maintenance and security. Here, I have mentioned some methods to be secure on the internet by our own side and report if any crime occurs. These are some actions you can implement if you find some cyber crimes happening.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crime More than 52% population of the world are internet users. And this data will never decrease. While the data is growing more day by day people are more conscious about their privacy and security. Internet is a medium for spreading your personal and professional information and establish communication between people at the global level. The Internet has compressed the world into one platform, known as Global Village. Cyber crime is an act of destroying or misusing information by the means of computer and network. Advance technology has made people easier to connect with the world as well as to commit a crime. You can sit at your home and hack your neighbor’s wifi just with a click. People may commit a crime using another’s network. However, many of us do not believe hacking wifi is a crime. Some list of Cyber crimes Phishing or spoofing or spam Ransomware Bank Fraud Accessing stored information Website Hacking Sports Betting Non-Delivery of Merchandise

Internet worldwide Vs Nepal

Internet As mentioned in UN 2011, the internet is a human right. In today’s world internet is considered equally essential as education and health. The right to internet access is also known as freedom to connect which describes every individual has right to access the content which is broadly available. In other words, internet access should not be unreasonably restricted . As the concept of IOT is growing the necessity of internet will increase by times as it is today. This impact has raised the voice of free internet, which is also being raised by many forums and groups. In 2012 internet society conducted online interviews of more than 10k internet users in 20 different countries and almost 85% of them responded strongly agreeing for free internet access. Free Access to Internet Many countries started free internet practice along with Nepal. Estonia offers free wifi  on almost every part of the country but lies in the second position on the scale of the speed of the i