Traffic E-ticketing System

Real-time traffic management system is ticketing process control system. The traffic rules violation is checked using cameras and sensors and the violator is recognized by his/her digital number plate. The violator’s personal data like name, Phone number, emails and so on are accessed from the database. According to the record SMS  and emails are sent to the violator to notify with the price to pay and deadline.


  1. To minimize accidents caused by violation of traffic rules;
  2. To make ticketing for traffic rule violation digital;
  3. To eliminate corruption done by the traffic police;
  4. To develop an efficient system that replaces the traditional system.
  1. Fully automated
  2. Online payment gateway

Use the link below for the demonstration

This is the project done by "Prime Women" - students of Prime College (Rashna Maharjan, Palistha Maharjan, and Bidhya Rimal) at a hackathon organized by Women Leaders in Technology in the occasion of "International Girls in ICT day".


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