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Starting Tutorial and Terminology for Java

Learn Java Developed by Sun Microsystems INC in 1991 and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. Developers: James Gosling and Patrick Naughton. Java is highly used for software development and more because it is simple to write as it supports HLL- High-Level Language and early checking of lots of possible errors. Moreover, it helps us to work in a team by creating modules of our software. Many devices can execute Java programs directly. If you want to learn java then you should know why Java is used and be familiar with its terminology WHY JAVA? Platform independent  – is portable Object-Oriented Language Simple , because it excludes operator overloading, Multiple Inheritance, pointers and explicit memory allocation Early  Checking of possible errors  which unlikely to be in other programming languages Secure  – because there are no pointers and is a  robust language (checks errors previously) Multithreading Terminology JVM – Java Virtual Machine JDK – Java Develo