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Story of the OLD AGE HOMES

My mom and dad are always participating on cultural and social programs with their friends and we do support and be with them usually in their works. The group of my parents and their friends organize and perform Bhajans (song with religious theme or spiritual ideas) and cultural instrumental music and collects fund. And this time they decided to give some percent of fund to the old age homes and feed them one time lunch. I as well as my two friends also participate for that work. While going through that process we saw many old peoples with very low strength and disease. We were so sorry for them to see them like that. But while having a little conversation with them as well as the care taker of that home we came to know that they were not only fighting with their disease but also the emotions that want to be attached with their offspring. In Nepal, we believe that it is responsibility of their sons to take care of their parents in their old age. So, old people who were st

My First Blog

This is my first contribution in blog writing. I really love writing but never thought of writing blog like stuffs. I have written many reviews for the products I used in e-commerce site, review for the places I have visited in tripadvisor to help new comers about the things I have experienced. While writing I always think of people who could be reading and help them out with my contents. So today, I am writing because I was inspired by two of my closest people of my life, Niroj Munikar and Rajan Aryal . They both have always been inspiring and caring for me. And also the most helpful. From previous weeks Niroj dai is being challenging himself for 30 days challenge of daily blogging in wordpress and I have been reading them always. He has been writing about his daily schedule, plans and many more where he is trying to find the good things in every moment and inspire himself likewise others (like me). So people please support his blog article and get inspired. Also on