From Github Repository Create new branch from dev branch (Start pulling from dev branch) OR create new branch and pull dev branch from new branch Work on New branch and see changes on local or dev Commit all the changes to new branch Push to new branch Go to GitHub Click on compare & pull request Set base to test Add assignee Click on Create Pull Request After merge complete to dev apply steps from 5 to merge in master You are done  From Git Bash Git bash from the project folder you want to merge Checkout to the respective branch to merge git checkout <your branch> Merge the branch with new feature git merge <branch to merge>

'Git and Github - II : Tutorial for Beginner

  Get started with Git and Github Install Git For Windows, Download git from here  and install it on your device Browse to the official Git website here. Click the download link and allow the download to complete. Extract and Launch Git Installer. Leave the default, unless you have reason to change it until then, click Next. Once the installation is complete,  Launch Git Bash, then click Finish. For Linus, Use code $ sudo dnf install git-all Initialize with credentials Make sure your git is installed properly. To do that check version git --version #To check version of git installed Provide Credentials (name and email) to git git config --global "Your_username" git config --global “Your_email” git config --global — list # To check the info you provided. Start with Github Signup on github Create a repository Add repository name, description Choose public or private  Tick to add readme, license and git ignore Click on create repository Work on Github projec

Introduction to Git and Github - I

Git Git is a free open-source version control software. This tool gives developers the flexibility to store and maintain codes and work in a group without overwriting anything. In real life, projects normally involve more than one developer and work parallel on different features. So, they need a version control system like Git to make sure everything they are working on in place with no conflicts and integration. Also, if anything goes wrong, reverting to the previous thing is a lifesaver. In this tool, we have a branch feature that helps developers to work on a single feature individually. Hence, it provides the facility to work alone and in a group. In the end, all the individual branches are merged to create an integrated product. Repositories If we want to start using Git, we need to know where to host our repositories. A repository (or “Repo” for short) is a project that contains multiple files. In our case, a repository will contain code-based files. Talking about repositories w

How to Make your website speed amazingly fast

While developing a website, many of us don't care about page speed. What we do care about is the look and feel of it and the result it should give. Website load doesn’t seem to be a big deal at the beginning, but it’s not when more than 30% of the users leave the site when it is taking more than 5 seconds to load which leads to decrease in sales of the product you want to introduce through the site you have created. As the purpose of developing a site may ruin due to the page speed of the site. Here are some tips which will help you to increase the performance of your site: 1. USE MINIFIED MARKUP FILES, STYLESHEET, AND JAVASCRIPT While developing site developers use spaces and comments to make it more readable and help other developers understand the codes. However, it becomes a drawback when serving pages. So minifying the files will remove all these unwanted spaces and unnecessary comments for the performing pages. These minified files will work as fine as not minified amplified

Best Free Store Locator Wordpress Plugin

Locatoraid shows on search can add locations can search according to country doesn't have form to exclude so that we can extend it to the header VO Store Locator can add location search problem in map no form customization Geo my Wp can import locations in free version Wordpress Geo Plugin Transport Store Locator map can be included as widgets WP Store Locator can add store can locate store near upto certain radius need browser and server API key need start point Store Locator Plus can add description of the store longitude, latitude can make store private can change theme of map shown on the front end

Starting Tutorial and Terminology for Java

Learn Java Developed by Sun Microsystems INC in 1991 and later acquired by Oracle Corporation. Developers: James Gosling and Patrick Naughton. Java is highly used for software development and more because it is simple to write as it supports HLL- High-Level Language and early checking of lots of possible errors. Moreover, it helps us to work in a team by creating modules of our software. Many devices can execute Java programs directly. If you want to learn java then you should know why Java is used and be familiar with its terminology WHY JAVA? Platform independent  – is portable Object-Oriented Language Simple , because it excludes operator overloading, Multiple Inheritance, pointers and explicit memory allocation Early  Checking of possible errors  which unlikely to be in other programming languages Secure  – because there are no pointers and is a  robust language (checks errors previously) Multithreading Terminology JVM – Java Virtual Machine JDK – Java Develo

Hospital Managing APP

1. Introduction HMS app is the app, which is health-giving and has potential of making many things paperless without having the loss of data and records. As we have seen a lots of health issues these days due to environmental factors, pressures and other emotional trauma. They need an important consult in day-to-day basis. Therefore, we came up with the idea of HMS app.    Actually, we do not lack health facilities but these days we are lacking the proper information and the solution for the proper information is our application. With the facility of reminding the people from taking their medicine to which kind of disease our system can be health-giving in a way, people can search the nearby hospital as per their wishes with ratings and the economy suitable for their treatment. This app keeps track of all the services provided by the hospital to the patients. The concept of HMP is to develop software, which is user-friendly, simple, fast and cost-effective. 2. Problem statement P