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Is wi-fi hacking legal?

WI-Fi is a wireless technology for wireless LAN. It is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance. We can connect devices based on IEEE 802.11 standards like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. Wi-Fi is very familiar nowadays as it does not need any burden of wires or other connecting hardware for the use of internet services. A single touch or the authenticate entry of pin or passwords are enough to get the connectivity. It can be free or protected. Free wi-fi can be connected easily without any password entry while protected one needs some authenticated ids along with the password. Even the protected wi-fi is easily accessed by the users with the use of some password breaker software or other techniques which is known as wi-fi hacking. These types of software are also found free at app stores and people are using them to hack their nearby wi-fi. But the main question is that “”Is wifi hacking legal?” There are many debates on this topic whether to claim it legal or illegal. Many experts