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Hospital Managing APP

1. Introduction HMS app is the app, which is health-giving and has potential of making many things paperless without having the loss of data and records. As we have seen a lots of health issues these days due to environmental factors, pressures and other emotional trauma. They need an important consult in day-to-day basis. Therefore, we came up with the idea of HMS app.    Actually, we do not lack health facilities but these days we are lacking the proper information and the solution for the proper information is our application. With the facility of reminding the people from taking their medicine to which kind of disease our system can be health-giving in a way, people can search the nearby hospital as per their wishes with ratings and the economy suitable for their treatment. This app keeps track of all the services provided by the hospital to the patients. The concept of HMP is to develop software, which is user-friendly, simple, fast and cost-effective. 2. Problem statement P

Traffic E-ticketing System

Real-time traffic management system is ticketing process control system. The traffic rules violation is checked using cameras and sensors and the violator is recognized by his/her digital number plate. The violator’s personal data like name, Phone number, emails and so on are accessed from the database. According to the record SMS  and emails are sent to the violator to notify with the price to pay and deadline. Objectives To minimize accidents caused by violation of traffic rules; To make ticketing for traffic rule violation digital; To eliminate corruption done by the traffic police; To develop an efficient system that replaces the traditional system. Possibilities Fully automated Online payment gateway Demo Use the link below for the demonstration This is the project done by " Prime Women " - students of Prime College (Rashna Maharjan, Palisth

Daily Expense Tracker

Daily Expense Tracker is the proposed project which will help us to track our daily expenses and help to achieve our future financial goals. Following is the proposed proposal project. Introduction and Background of the Project Expense tracker is a refined system which allows user to efficiently manage his/her expenses with ease. Tracking expenses daily can really help to us save lot of money. Once we start off by tracking our expenses each day, we will be able to get a better idea where you are spending your money, so you stay in control and achieve your goal. It will be able to generate your expense and saving report as time duration you selected. There will be a reminder that will help to save money for your pre-defined expenses.             Problem Statement Every earning people are mostly obsessed at the end of the month as the they cannot remember where all of their money have gone when they have spent and ultimately have to sustain in little money minimizing thei