Cyber Crime

Cyber crime
More than 52% population of the world are internet users. And this data will never decrease. While the data is growing more day by day people are more conscious about their privacy and security. Internet is a medium for spreading your personal and professional information and establish communication between people at the global level. The Internet has compressed the world into one platform, known as Global Village.

Cyber crime is an act of destroying or misusing information by the means of computer and network. Advance technology has made people easier to connect with the world as well as to commit a crime. You can sit at your home and hack your neighbor’s wifi just with a click. People may commit a crime using another’s network. However, many of us do not believe hacking wifi is a crime.

Some list of Cyber crimes

  1. Phishing or spoofing or spam
  2. Ransomware
  3. Bank Fraud
  4. Accessing stored information
  5. Website Hacking
  6. Sports Betting
  7. Non-Delivery of Merchandise
  8. Electronic harassment
  9. Social site related crimes
  10. Child pornography
  11. Wifi Hacking
  12. Drug trafficking
  13. Fake profile making
  14. Copyright infringement

We should take care of above things while using internet. This habit will stay put us away from unknowing crimes.


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